Retaining Walls

Types of Rock

All of our sandstone blocks are suitable for all retaining wall purposes and can also be used as garden edging, seating and general aesthetic value in landscaping areas.

A Grade Sandstone

Quarry sawn blocks with a minimum of 5 sawn sides, cut 1100mm long and ranging from 400mm - 1000mm in height and depth, depending on customer requirements.

B Grade Sandstone

Generally rectangular in shape, with varying dimensions, averaging between 400mm - 800mm depending on customer requirements.

B+ Grade Sandstone

Quarry sawn blocks with a minimum of 4 sawn sides.  Blocks vary in length and can range from 400mm - 1000mm in height and depth. Quantities depend on availability as this product is considered a seconds to A Grade.

Random Sandstone

Boulders vary in shapes and dimensions are available from 250mm - 1000mm.

A Grade Sandstone Warner Estate 01
random sandstone wall 2

How much do I need?

Paragraphs explaining how to know how much rock you will need for a retaining wall.

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Custom built retaining walls using QDS Sandstone

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